Flash Receiver Recall Program

Bellman & Symfon has determined that, in rare cases, the BE1442 Flash Receiver may pose a safety risk during a power loss due to a battery backup malfunction. The Flash Receivers were sold primarily between June 2016 and December 2019 and product eligibility is determined by the manufacturing label or the product serial number.

Customer safety is always our top priority, and we have voluntarily decided to update affected Flash Receivers, free of charge. If your product is among the affected, we encourage you to update it following the steps below.

How could this affect your safety?

The Flash Receiver battery backup is designed to step in if the power goes out. In the event that the backup batteries have been depleted, and a fire accident occurs during power loss, your Flash Receiver will not produce an alert. Your Visit Smoke Detector will however still sound an alarm.

Identifying your Flash Receiver

1 Checking the manufacturing label

To see if your Flash Receiver is eligible for the program, start by checking the manufacturing label at the back of the unit marked in blue. If you see any of the below dates, your unit is not affected and you don't need to do anything further.

  • 2019 July 30
  • 2019 Sep 25
  • 2019 Nov 25
  • 2020 Feb 1

2 Checking the serial number

If you can't find a label or if another date is printed on it, use the serial number checker below to see if your Flash Receiver is eligible for the program.

Check Serial Number

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Update Process

How to return your Flash Receiver

After registration of your serial number and contact information, you will receive a postage-paid Return Kit.

Note: While you wait to receive your Return Kit unplug the Flash receiver power adapter from the wall outlet and plug it back in again. This will activate the recharging for the backup batteries. If the Power LED doesn't light up or starts to blink, your battery backup is malfunctioning.

Receiving your updated unit

Approximately 1 week after returning your Flash Receiver, you will receive a delivery or post notification to collect your updated unit.

Note: Installing your updated unit is easy, just reconnect it to the power adapter and it's good to go.

A follow-up call

Within 30 days, you will receive a follow-up call to ensure that everything is working. We are also more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

Additional Information

  • Take extra care to follow general fire safety advice during the lead time.
  • This program does not affect your statutory or warranty rights.

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