Our mission
Driven to make a difference

Autonomy through technology

We are driven to make a difference for hard-of-hearing and deaf people. We realize this by offering solutions that empower people to stay safe, independent, and socially active. Our global headquarter is in Gothenburg, Sweden and we are represented by regional offices and a qualified partner network in Europe, Asia Pacific, and North America.

Our culture

Our company culture is based on three core values that guide us in our daily work.

The core values:
Customer centric
Solution oriented
Quality driven

Customer centric

By understanding our customers’ needs, we develop solutions that add value. We work closely with the customer to find the optimal solution to fulfill his or her need – today and tomorrow.

  • We listen to the customer's needs
  • We are easy to deal with
  • We are pro-active in our customer relations
  • We are competent and handle communication reliably
Creativity and innovation

Solution oriented

By constantly challenging ourselves, we make sure that we develop our position and performance. It is always better to try new ideas and run the risk of making a mistake than doing nothing at all.

  • We contribute with new ideas
  • We encourage each other to come up with creative ideas
  • We have an open attitude
  • We show respect to each other and listen to others opinions

Quality driven

There is always room for improvements - in all we do. We always look for solutions that are easy to implement and to live with. By thinking this way, we continuously meet our customers’ expectations.

  • Every day, we ask ourselves: What can we do better?
  • We challenge each other to improve and are result oriented
  • We like and embrace change
  • We behave in an ethical, responsible and sustainable way



30+ years of passion for hearing

Trained in economics and commerce, but an inventor and entrepreneur at heart, Peter Jungvid created and tested the first products in his own apartment, operating the budding company from home. Take the journey from the very beginning, from the jungle lab in one man’s bathroom, to today’s international company with worldwide distribution.

Our story

Our commitment

We never forget the human side of business. We manifest this in our tone of voice, how we talk, act, and behave towards our end-users, stakeholders, gatekeepers, business partners and each other. Do you want to suggest a future product or have an idea on how to make an improvement? We would love to hear from you!

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